Online events are becoming increasingly more popular because of the coronavirus.
This is a new quality that makes your guests in front of their computers feel as if they were at your event. In addition guests at the event are able to feel the same emotions once again in front of their computers.


How many times have you been in a situation where the number of people willing to participate exceeded the number of available places? When organizing conferences, trainings, trade fairs or any show, you are probably confronted with this on a regular basis. That is why it is worth thinking about a live broadcast through You Tube, Facebook or a dedicated website.

We can broadcast your conference, training session, presentation or any other meeting in full HD quality, on one of the many popular platforms (Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, Zoom and others) or on a specially created website of your event. We will provide a professional studio, video and photo production, full stage and technical support for the event. Because your event is also our event.

To carry out an online event, we invite you to our studio in Warsaw or Poznan. We can also arrange a studio in a place convenient for the client such as the company's headquarters or conference facility.

Thanks to our cameras and mixers, as well as our IT facilities, we ensure high quality security for the success of your broadcast.

For our online projects, we use LED screens, 50-90-inch TVs, multimedia lecterns, complex stage structures, professional lighting and sound systems. To make it all work as it should, there is one more thing needed—our team of engineers, who are professional and have years of experience. This is the piece of the puzzle needed to make this “picture” look spectacular.

We have people and all the resources needed to ensure that your event is carried out at the highest standard.

The quality of the broadcast must match the event, which is why we work only with reliable production equipment so that your online guests will see every detail and catch every sound.

We will create a broadcast graphic which is consistent with your visual identity, which will distinguish and strengthen your brand image.


Combination of online and offline - classic event with online meeting. We organize hybrid events during which we carry out the entire event at the client's premises or in the studio with the participants. At the same time, we stream it online so that the guests sitting in front of their computers can feel as if they are there.

This is a new formula of an event corresponding to the challenges of our times— a combination of the virtual and real worlds, the possibility of ensuring an unlimited attendance of virtual participants and their active participation in the event through various forms of interaction.





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