Time Busters

Exceptional 360 photos with bullet time effect. Let the participants feel like Matrix heroes.


Others claim they are innovative. We bring innovativeness to life. That’s how our original system, which will take shots in your studio or at your event, emerged. The shots will resemble those from high-budget, Hollywood productions.

How we work?

Cameras mounted on a special construction frame take photos simultaneously or sequentially at a selected height and angle. Within 5 seconds the photos are sent to the computer where they undergo postproduction. That’s how 3 seconds of a moving 4K picture to be used during the event or in a studio are prepared. They may function on their own or become an element of a larger movie.

Timebusters on your event

Raise the participants' attention by means of a unique novelty and present them with a branded gift-add of your company. The ready photo will be displayed on the screen next to the cameras – this will encourage other people to give it a go. Each of the photos will be available on the website - there will be the possibility of sharing them in social media.


Time Busters

Time Busters




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